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Carol at Clutter Bug Studio 2008-08-18
Hi, just found your beautiful site and it looks like you are also in MI. Best wishes.
From: MI too!
Toni 2008-03-24
Congrats!!!! I'm so proud of both of you! I'm wishing you both all the best. It's beautiful. Love from your sis
From: Clay, MI
Dave 2008-03-24
Well, I guess I can't be the first guy to sign your guest book. SO WHAT!!! I am extremely proud of what you have created. Keep it up and pull me up when you reach the top!!!!! :
From: Algonac
Andrea 2008-03-09
It's really looking terrific, Shari! I'm anxious to see more linens - I want to add to my much-too-small collection! : The very best of luck to you, for a roaring success. Andrea
From: MI
Terri Anderson 2008-03-09
How beautiful your new site is! Love "Tidbits and Treasures", which describes your business perfectly. Looking forward to shopping some more as you add items. All the best to you, Shari! Terri and Mick
From: Bloomfield, Michigan
Katherine Claerhout 2008-03-09
Sandy & Sis, What A beautiful site! Love it! Wishing you the best!!! Kathy
From: Saint Clair, MI
Joseph 2008-02-17
Shari this is a wonderful site. I truly love to see your creative expression. Its a joy to watch as you take steps to realize your dream. I'm so proud of you. You go girl!
From: Port Huron, MI
Sandy 2008-02-14
Wonderful Absolutely wonderful, I am so happy for you to finally see a long time dream becoming reality.Wishing you all the love, luck, and prayers my heart could ever hold! Teach me a thing or two and maybe I can give you a hand getting things off the ground. Love ya XOXO
From: Columbus
Allison 2008-02-13
I'm proud of you. Everything looks fantastic! I knew that if you put your mind to it you could pull it off. Congratulations Mom.
From: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Tina Denhardt 2008-02-13
Tina Denhardt 2008-02-11
Beautiful template! It captures the essence of what your business is about. I am so proud of you for taking on a New Venture. My hopes and prayers are with you for smashing success. You have a great eye for Vintage and Unique home items I have faith this will be a fun and rewarding experience for you!
From: MI

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